If you're looking for another under-dosed, over-hyped, "me too" pre-workout, nitric-oxide precursor, ANX-P3 IS NOT for you. Utilizing patented technology (US Patent# 7,777,074, 8,178,572, 8,183,288, 8,455,531 and 8,466,187) and other supporting ingredients, ANX-P3 is designed for elite athletes and bodybuilders looking to take the powerful anabolic, muscle building effects of nitric oxide supplementation to new heights.

Blood engorged muscle pumps (hyperemia) are something all bodybuilders should aim for but why is this such an important component of packing on lean muscle mass? Simply put, the "pump" signals the effectiveness of weight training and ultimately, muscle growth (hypertrophy). But what exactly is a "pump", and how can this crucial component of muscle-growth be achieved? In short, this is when your trained muscles swell up and become engorged with blood during your workout, which is caused from excessive nutrient and blood flow to trained muscles which fill them up.

A recent clinical study confirms the reduction of inorganic nitrate (NO3-) and nitrite (NO2-) in vivo results in nitric oxide production. Not only does nitrate generate nitric oxide, but nitrate and nitrite are inert end-products of nitric oxide oxidation. That is, nitrate converts into nitric oxide, and once oxidized, nitric oxide is recycled back into nitrate, which then has the potential to convert into nitric oxide once again. This cycle continues to repeat itself creating an exciting and powerful alternative to the traditional nitric oxide pathway. The use of nitrates represents an incredible alternative to the classic L-Arginine-NO-Synthase pathway so commonly attempted in various sports supplement formulations today.(1)

A problem with nitric oxide is it's very short lifespan in the body and in a matter of seconds the nitric oxide molecule can be completely broken down. However to stimulate maximum muscle growth (hypertrophy) a "pump" must be sustained for hours!

"Once you experience this Nitrate induced "pump", you'll never want to train without it again!"

Muscle pumps, however, are not just temporary, cosmetic ego-boosters in the gym, but absolutely crucial for packing on muscle mass. Trained muscles need more blood flow to adequately supply them with oxygen and nutrients, and to remove waste products (namely, lactic acid and carbon dioxide). When a muscle is trained, blood flow is diverted from many other bodily processes to adequately supply this muscle with what it needs to perform at maximum capacity. The blood first needs to become oxygenated before it is pumped to the trained muscles, where it is pooled, thus resulting in the tight feeling we call the "pump". Why exactly do the trained muscles need all this extra blood and nutrient supply? As mentioned, trained muscles require sufficient oxygen and nutrients to continue the sustained contracting that results in a "pump". If the muscles are fed properly and working effectively, muscle growth is inevitable! Muscle growth will also result from the fascial stretching that occurs when the trained muscle is pumped well beyond its normal size. The bigger the "pump", the bigger the muscle can grow! When this fascial layer (which can be found between the skin and the muscle) is stretched, room for continued muscle growth is made available. Over time, these incredible "pumps" may also create a greater number of capillaries (tiny blood vessels) which in turn may provide the muscles with more nutrients and oxygen and potentially allow for larger pumps and even more growth in the long term. So when you're ready for a real, no-nonsense product that produces Nitrate induced muscle pumps, pick up a bottle of ANX-P3 and experience the difference for yourself!(1)

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