If you're looking for another under-dosed, "me too", vaso-constricting, "crack in a bottle" pre-workout product, N.O.X-P3 IS NOT for you. Some of today's popular "pre-workout" products may be completely out of control and overdosed with heart-pounding, potentially vaso-constricting stimulants! N.O.X-P3 was designed with specific goals in mid - to increase lean muscle mass(1) and workout power(1) when used in conjunction with a proper nutrition and regular exercise program.

What is Vaso-constriction?

The whole reason trained athletes consume N.O. boosting supplements is to increase vaso-dilation. This is what gives you that crazy "muscle pump", "strength" and "vascularity" needed to assist in increasing solid gains in lean muscle mass. But when you are heavily dosed with heart-pounding stimulants (many times utilized to fool you into thinking the product is working) which may be found in some of today's popular pre-workout supplements, you may actually be experiencing vaso-constriction. This may lead to elevated levels of muscle wasting cortisol which may also in turn lead to vaso-constriction. Not good!

When you're ready for a real, no-nonsense, pre-workout, try N.O.XP3 and experience the difference for yourself.

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